Attention! Technical translation.

What for the trip computer is necessary

Somehow imperceptibly to us the new century, a century of information technologies has crept. And who could think, well even about ten years ago, that computers will occupy such thorough positions in our life. The computer today has ceased to be a thing fantastic, causing delight and surprise, it is the daily tool for the decision of the broad audience of problems. The computer has found a place and houses, and on work. At many the logical question ripens: and than the automobile is worse. As for many the automobile and work, and frequently and the second house. And in general for the last some years in production of the Russian automobile manufacture have appreciablly increased an electronic stuffing, and to the motorist all is more complex to cope with it alone. For interested persons to live with comfort everywhere and always including in own automobile, a line of the companies develops and makes special devices which are capable to facilitate a hard life of the motorist appreciablly. Such devices refer to as onboard or routing computers.

That the  trip computer is able

To tell, that the onboard computer is capable of much, would mean to not tell anything. The quantity of functions is measured in an trip computer in tens, and for some models passes for one hundred. But we shall not be proofless and we shall walk even on the basic from them.

Instant  parameters

The very first, on what the onboard computer, it to display instant parameters is capable: current time, speed of the automobile, revolutions of the engine, temperature of the engine, temperature in interior and temperature of external air, the rest of fuel in a tank, an onboard voltage, etc. Many will object, that the majority of these values can be seen under the indication of indicators on the panel of devices, and appear, are not right. Accuracy of indications of regular systems leaves much to be desired, and the most important, does not give in to correction. We shall tell, at installation of wheels of the greater diameter speed of your automobile at the same revolutions of the engine will be higher. However the regular speedmeter knows nothing about your new wheels, and will display the incorrect information. While corrective amendments will allow to bring to work in the majority of onboard computers and inform you about true value of speed.

Routing parameters

With an trip computer there is accessible an information on the current charge of fuel, the average charge on 100 km, the charge of fuel for the current trip, time of the trip, the gone way. Some onboard computers are able not only to display the information on already perfect trip, but also will help to plan new. For example, inform time necessary on overcoming of the set way, will calculate recommended speed, inform about necessary quantity of gasoline or about quantity of kilometers which will manage to be overcome on the rest of fuel in a tank. Will calculate expenses for trip (State "Phoenix"). Thus helps it is possible to receive from the most trip a computer in an interactive mode.

The control over the situation

The opportunity to see on the screen a number of parameters is pleasantly. However important not only to see, but also in time to react to a supernumerary situation. Here the extremely useful appears an opportunity of an onboard computer constantly to supervise a number of parameters and if necessary operatively to signal about their change. We shall tell, at infringement of work of system of cooling or in very hot day you can simply not notice, that the temperature of the engine has exceeded norm. In this case there is a big risk "to begin to boil", that finally will be wrapped up by serious problems for you and your automobile. The trip computer for a second will not lose the control over a situation and will immediately warn you about overheating the engine a sound signal. Precisely as the trip computer will check and will warn about excess of recommended speed of movement, about value of an onboard voltage, about danger of education of ice on road, about necessity of the next servicing.

Service  functions and diagnostics of  the engine

The trip computer allows to carry out function of the octan-proof-reader: to enter the amendment of a corner of an advancing at start of the engine and in an operating conditions, operatively to change a corner at transition from gasoline to gas, to use multispark a mode (function - plazmer) for simplification of start of the engine, independently to establish a mode of inclusion of the fan coolings (function - tropic), etc. For owners of automobiles with injector engines the onboard computer turns to the personal mechanic who before each trip will make diagnostics of the engine and units of the automobile and informs about presence of malfunctions and the reasons caused them.

As the onboard computer works

The personal computer used by us in a daily life, and automobile computer work under the similar circuit. The computer obtains some initial data, processes them under the set program and displays in the form, clear to any user.

The initial data

In a case with a personal computer all is transparent enough. The data are entered from the keyboard, the scanner or are read out from data carriers: a hard disk, for example. Whence takes the information an onboard automobile computer, and that it herself represents. All is very simple. The modern automobile simply teems a different sort with gauges and blocks of management. The onboard computer is connected in break of the gauge of a level of fuel, to the gauge of speed, to a circuit of ignition, to êîëîäêå diagnostics, to the gauge of the charge of fuel and other regular systems. That is the information with which the onboard computer operates, was in the automobile and before occurrence of it. But see we could only its small part. Thus, the onboard computer is the universal translator from language of your automobile. Moreover, models of new generation "State of Õ3" are capable to define type of the controller established in your automobile.

Data processing

Here absolute analogy to a usual computer. In memory of an automobile onboard computer a certain program which processes the received data is incorporated. We shall tell, having received the information from the gauge of a level and the gauge of the charge of fuel, the computer divides one value into another and enables to predict run on the rest of fuel. Precisely as and on a line of other parameters. The most important, on what it is necessary to pay attention at a choice of a computer, it is an opportunity to make amendments to the received data. As we already spoke, the onboard computer measures nothing, the information on the processes occuring to your automobile, it receives from regular systems. As a rule, this information possesses the big error. As consequence all values calculated on the basis of the incorrect data, will have a little the general with the validity. The program of a good onboard computer allows to arrange indications under the charge of fuel, calculation of speed and run, etc. Absence of the given function will not allow to receive a trustworthy information from your onboard computer.

Display of the information

The important role is played with a way of display of the received and calculated information. And it directly depends on type of the established display. The display can be digital, three, four - or six-digit (State - Chevy). And also liquid crystal, similar that are established in mobile phones and pocket computers. A number of trip computers have the liquid crystal screen, capable to display the information not only in a text format, but also in graphic execution. Styles, convenience of using, have led to to that liquid crystal screens became the basic visual carriers of modern trip computers. In last versions an trip computer, norm became function of the multidisplay - simultaneous display of several parameters (format). There is an opportunity of use of animation, that, unfortunately, leads to to rise in price of a product.

Function of voice support

Technical progress has allowed to become trip computers "speaking" (State the speaker). The emergency signalling device will instantly pay your attention to overheating in system of cooling, to malfunctions in an onboard network. The pleasant female voice will notify you on necessity of carrying out of a various sort of maintenance service. Will warn about a minimum quantity of fuel in a tank. And, simply, will wish you a pleasant way.