About us

NIL - 15 it has been created in March, 1988. Within the framework of branch programs work on creation of systems and devices of automobile electronics alongside with the control of management of the engine and digital system of ignition was entered, unique researches also have been lead{have been carried out} in the field of household electronics.

Now NIL-15 is structural division of the Tolyatti State University, conducts theoretical and experimental researches, develops devices of automobile electronics in which the microprocessor technics{technical equipment} is widely used. Final the purpose of development of laboratory is development of small-scale manufacture. The products mastered in small-scale manufacture, pass all-round tests and certification, have modern design and social recognition (medals and diplomas of exhibitions, patents). Realization of products is conducted as directly from TSU, so through dealer firms.

All works in laboratory are carried out on conditions of self-financing. On industrial platforms TSU on base NIL-15 serial release of onboard computers is mastered. Such as: "MATRIX", the Shevy-Niva "Speaker", 112/115 X 3 "Speaker", State "Gazelle", State X 1, State 07. In 2003 with the purpose of development of manufacture it has been created by Open Company " MedTexServise ", engaged in development household electropulse massing"Vitaskan". By way of laboratory development of batch production PRA for luminescent fixtures of the European level.